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Role Of Wasps In Human Health And Crop Pollination

hornets are the bigests in eusocial wasps and are same to their relatives. A few species have length of 5.5 cm.they are differentiated from other wasps relatively top  margin of the head and rounded part of abdomen just behind the worldwide.there are 22 species of vespa which are  recogonized and 3 sepcies of provespa.

As like  other  eusocial wasps, hornets build community by chewing wood to make a paper pulp.every  nest has a single queen, which lays eggs and is attended by workers ,who are genetically female, which  cannot lay fertile eggs. Many  species make nests in trees and shrubs, but a few (like Vespa orientalis) make their nests inthe ground or in other places. In the tropic areas, these nests may last year-round and  in temperate areas, the nest dies over the winter, with lone queens hibernating in leaf litter or other insulative material until the spring.

Hornets are also considered pests and they guard their nests agressively. It is true that hornets make their comb near human habitat and their sting is more dangerous than  bees.

Hornets use their sting to kill prey And to defend their hive.A single wasp can sting repeadely and they do not die because they do not pull their sting like bees.Hornets, like many other social wasps, can move to the entire nest to sting when in  defense, that is highly dangerous to humans and  animals.

Wasps are the pests and they stung to the humans,when the colonies stop breeding then the new workers  search for food and more likely they come into contact with the humans.Wasps nests are near the human houses,like as roof spaces and they sting when humans come close to their colony.

Some species of wasps,especially  Trichogrammatidae are use for biocontrol of insect pests like sugar cane borer is controled with  parasitic wasp Trichogramma galloi.  Encarsia control to whitefly of tomato and cucumber.They are also predators of aphids and also wasps use to control peach aphids.

Name of wasps  are fashionable for clubs and first club kit is  black with the yellow stripes.The club is call with name WaspsFC.Among others has names as basketball and football clubs with name of wasps in the world .

Wasps are used in jewellery ,fashions like as made gold and silvers designs.They also used to form the military equipments,as their sting is powerful and its name given to ships,military vehicles and aircrafts.

Wasps especially yellow jackets are used in American,s culture.[7]

Wasps are used in the medication ,wasps sting have the good effect on humans population.Medical research is that wasps venome is used for the therapy of cancer.In the venome of polybia paulista a chemical is found which is used for many types of cancers cell.

Wasps are the source of pollination.Wasps pollinate to the flowers.

As  the wasps has no hairy body as Vespula vulgaris and Vespula germanica unlike bees but they can pollinate and pollination is in limit as compared to the bees.

Wasps visit to the flowers for the collection of pollen and feed pollen to their larvae.1oo species of the orchards are pollinated by the wasps.without wasps orchards can not extinct.Wasps has the important role in ecosystem.As fig wasps pollinate to the figs thats the symbiosis process considered,they can not complete their life without each other.

A truth is that without wasps,world ecological and economic disaster.









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